Milka has it’s Purple Cow. Michelin it’s Michelin Man. At siegfried!haider the ballon image called „helium marketing“ stands for more attractivity, attraction and visibility of company, product and personal brands, which you too can easily reach or strengthen with his „sold-out!“ method.

The answer is always the same: When I ask prospects whether they prefer to sell actively as a company or personal brand or whether they prefer to be asked and bought automatically, almost everyone says: I want to be better known, I want to be found and asked, I want to be bought!

Please think of a beautiful Mickey Mouse helium balloon: We are happy to pay high prices for such a balloon, because it

1. has a cool story, an attractive brand that is top visualized. It is noticed, told, known and attracts more other clients.

2. stands out from the masses (of comparability and invisibility) and is visible from far. It inspires target groups even from a distance.

This creates the attraction which leads to the advantage that you have to sell less at much higher turnovers because you are bought automatically and more often!

Therefore, you too can rely on helium marketing realized by the „sold out!“ method from siegfried!haider. Please book your free, non-binding first consultation here:

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