Procter & Gamble Chief Brand Officer Interview – Highlights!

28. April 2020

Marc Pritchard managed bei Procter & Gamble ein weites Feld von Marken mit einem Multimillionen Dollar Budget. Dazu zählen Marken wie Pampers, Head & Shoulders, Always uvm. Das waren meine Highlight-Aussagen aus einem Interview in vom Jan./Feb. 2020:

  • We’re reinventing brand citizenship by moving from brands that are „all about themselves“ to brands that are a „force for good and a force for growth“. Consumer want to know what brands believe in, their values and views, and they buy based on shared beliefs.
  • Our goal for brands is to have 100% of our leadership-brands enable and inspire responsible consumption by 2030. To achieve the goal, each brand establishes a „Brand Ambition“ that puts a relevant social or environmental commitment at the heart of the brand’s consumer experience to help solve a sustainable challenge. That inspires action in product and packing innovation, brand communication, transparency and safety, and reducing supply chain impact to achieve the ambition.
  • Every day we strive to get the full value of our diversity through inclusion through an environment where P&G people can be their best, full and authentic selves.
  • We are innovating how innovate, moving from sequential, phased approach to a „lean“ innovation approach used by startups. Leas innovation built on our strengths, like keeping the consumer at the center of everything we do. We focus on identifying the consumer „problem to be solved“ and learned a more agile way of working.
  • We’re reinventing media from „mass blasting“ to mass reach with one-to-one precision using data and technology. We have our own databases that enable us to reach people when and where it matters through automated, algorithm-driven ad placement without annoying and wasteful ad frequency.
  • We’re also integrating cutting-edge digital technology into our products to create irresistible consumer experiences which could eventually replace adds.

Tja – da ist schon enorm viel drin, was Marketing heute ausmacht. Ich hoffe, auch die ein oder andere Anregung für Sie. Wenn Sie Unterstützung bei der Umsetzung dieser Strategien bei Ihnen im Haus benötigen, stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung.


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